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Grocery Row Gardening by David The Good now Available in Paperback!


Imagine creating a garden where apples and asparagus thrive beside beans and broccoli. Picture beautiful rows of trees, vegetables and flowers all growing together as butterflies, birds and bees dance overhead. Walk through with a basket and pick pears and blueberries, peppers and tomatoes, herbs and cut flowers – all from the same garden.

With Grocery Row Gardening, you’ll learn to harness the power of a forest’s edge by linking the abundance of a food forest with a traditional vegetable garden.

Grocery Row Gardening is a new permaculture gardening method that combines multiple different gardening systems into a resilient, pest-resistant, long-term food generating machine for your backyard. It combines ideas as diverse as Steve Solomon’s writings on micronutrients with Geoff Lawton’s food forest design, with Stefan Sobkowiak’s permaculture orchard and Ernst Götsch’s Syntropic Farming, with Ann Ralph’s backyard orchard culture and edible hedges. It makes for a beautiful and powerful permaculture method that sails through weather extremes and creates a survival garden which will keep your family fed with a wide range of produce, month after month.

Though this system is still in development, this book outlines how you can join in the fun and experimentation as Grocery Row Gardening takes off. Learn to grow food in a whole new way and create your most diverse and beautiful garden yet.

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