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Announcing Winning the War on Weeds by John Moody

I am very pleased to announce that Good Books Publishing has released the 2nd edition of WINNING THE WAR ON WEEDS, by John Moody.

I got to know John some years ago and am quite impressed with his knowledge of soils, animals, farming and raising a family on the land. His practical no-till approach to gardening takes NO PRISONERS when it comes to weed control. I am thrilled to be able to publish this excellent handbook in paperback.

In WINNING THE WAR ON WEEDS, you’ll learn all about deep mulching, occultation, managing fencelines, creating neutral zones that exclude weeds, solarization, using animals for weed control and a lot more – and all without picking up a hoe!

Whether you are a backyard gardener or a farmer, you will benefit from John’s practical knowledge and deep understand of how weeds work – and how to keep them from being a constant and never-ending homesteading chore. I am thrilled that we get to publish this very useful book. It is an excellent edition to any gardener’s bookshelf.

You can get it here in paperback.

Thank you for the support.


-David The Good

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