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Welcome to Good Books Publishing

Do you want to be a better gardener? Do you want to be able to feed your family in a crisis? Are you tired of boring gardening books?

Us too.

We’re tired of being sold gadgets and systems, philosophies and complex plans that don’t work well from climate to climate. Instead, we are interested in learning how things work so we can build our own gardens in our own unique soils, regions and backyards.

Welcome to Good Books Publishing. We are dedicated to the backyard food grower, the small farmer, the homesteader and the homeschool families who are raising up a new generation of good gardeners. May our books encourage, entertain, and inspire you to grow your own food wherever God has planted you.

Over the next few months we’ll release books that will help you do the best with that you have and grow nutrient-dense food for your family.

Stay tuned.

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